Answers to all your doubts regarding gynecologist in Dwarka

A female body is considered as a very complex structure. From childhood to being at an old age, you might have faced numerous issues regarding your body. In India, where the schedule of women is divided between household chores and professional life, feminine health issues are like constant companions.With endless curiosities in your mind, you always wanted answers to those and guidance to their solutions. And the person who can give you correct advice on your problems is a gynecologist in Dwarka.

Well, there might be some initial queries in your mind regarding gynecologists. In that case, this article will definitely resolve your questions.

Who is a gynecologist?
A gynecologist is a doctor or a physician who focuses on the female health issues and is a certified expert in treating diseases related to your reproductive system. As these doctors have a better understanding of the female body, they will guide you with knowledge of internal functioning and suggest you to take care in proper way with the right medication.

Why is it suggested to visit a gynecologist in Dwarka?
There are various reasons for which it is always advised that you should make regular visits to an experienced gynecologist. In this present situation where hectic life seems to affect your body more, a visit to a gynecologist can be beneficial in many ways.

1. If you find sudden changes or abnormalities in your body, they can assist you in understanding those problems. It can be regarding puberty,vaginal infection or reproductive organ related issues.
2. Gynecologist in Dwarka can make a nearly diagnosis of your physical problems and start the proper treatment early.
3. Educate you about vaginal discharges and teach you to identify problematic signs related to your reproductive organ.
4. Explain about protective steps before sex and also guide in case you have unprotected sex.
5. If you are an expecting mother, they provide you with checkup routines, nutrition charts and appropriate medication for the health of your unborn child for a safe delivery.

Correct time to visit a gynecologist
There is nothing called a correct time to visit a doctor. If you are an adolescent, young woman or are middle aged, any issue regarding your reproductive health is not the only time to make a visit to a gynecologist in Dwarka. Rather, it is generally advised to start visiting them at your initial menstruating period. There are also other times like,
• When you have missed your periods for more than 3 months.
• When you have missed your period because of unprotected sex.
• When you are suffering from constant stomach pain with vaginal discharge in grey, green or yellow color with a strong smell, with bouts of fever. This can be a symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease calling for instant treatment.
• If you are menstruating with heavy bleeding, intolerable and unending pain or it comes irregularly.

What can you expect during these visits?
Apart from answering your queries, gynecologist can help you with issues like depression, acne, cramps, period issues, STDs, and effect of drugs, alcohol, and smoking on your reproductive system. With regular checkups, if required, they can also suggest you for pelvic exams, pap test and other necessary tests for serious ailments.
It is advisable to go for are liable gynecologist in Dwarka at notable clinic like Mother and Child Care Clinic, where Dr. Yashica can help you with your reproductive organs related problems in a better way. After all, correct guidelines from an expert and timely diagnosis can help you take care of your overall health.

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