It’s time to switch from your regular sanitary pads to biodegradable pads to avoid health problems

It’s time to switch from your regular sanitary pads to biodegradable pads to avoid health problems
A woman usually uses on an average 17000 tampons in her lifetime. It means you will use a total of 17000 products full of plastics, chemicals, polymers, perfumes, SAP, and different synthetic compounds throughout your life. The story doesn’t end here. Have you ever thought how much time we need to decompose these buried products? Maybe several centuries, isn’t it?

The main component of these synthetic pads is plastic. Apart from that, the makers bleach them with chlorine. In short, these are non-degradable pads which have already clogged several water bodies, sewage systems, and landfills in India.

As a result, a big question came in front of us. How to combat this situation? Let’s check out the answer.

Get introduced to biodegradable pads

Educated women in India have started this revolution of using biodegradable pads which are made of less damaging, natural materials. Usually, women are not comfortable with changing their sanitary pads. However, they started using it to protect the environment. So many promotional campaigns of biodegradable pads have been launched to aware women of our country.

Keep in mind that your vaginal skin is sensitive. So, try to use something that is made of natural plants instead of harmful chemicals. Biodegradable pads are eco-friendly because these products have been produced by using bamboo or fibers of corn. Additionally, these are just like regular sanitary pads but extremely comfortable and soft.

Embrace a healthier and economical alternative

Women are usually so much conscious about their health. In that case, you must know that regular sanitary napkins are made of plastic which comes from petroleum. Along with that, these sanitary napkins have to go through numerous chemical processes. If you want to maintain the harmony of your body, try to avoid these pads because producers use many materials that have multiple irritating characteristics. This is the reason why women suffer from urinary skin infections, allergies, rashes, irritation, etc. during the period. You’ll be surprised to know that these harmful chemicals can enter in your bloodstream quickly. Many women suffer from miscarriages, congenital disabilities, period pain, and even cervical cancer just because of these non-biodegradable pads.

On the other hand, biodegradable pads are not only safe for your body but also comfortable and irritation free products.

Plastic or regular sanitary pads are responsible for increasing the temperature of the genital area

Plastic pads increase the temperature around the genital area. This increased temperature shakes hands with sweating and blood flow. As a result, it starts growing bacteria which is the primary reason for bad odor. Even strong fragrances cannot hide it easily. These scents are harmful to your body too. In the long run, women may have to face infections just because of these toxic products.

On the other hand, a new invention, biodegradable pads protect women body from infections and other harmful side effects too. So, all women out there try to educate all your loved ones about biodegradable pads so that each woman in India can live a stress-free life.

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