Why doctors prefer dioxin free pads instead of regular tampons

Why doctors prefer dioxin free pads instead of regular tampons

Do you know which is the thinnest yet the largest organ in your body? It’s your skin. You’ll be amazed to know that your body is just a one-tenth inch away from potential toxins. The skin around your vaginal area is deeply permeable. So, if you don’t want to compromise with your body’s hygiene, you have to switch to dioxin free pads.

Keep in mind that whatever comes in touch with the skin of your sensitive area, it quickly gets into your bloodstream. So, experts always suggest, don’t connect your body with anything that you cannot think of eating.

You know that you cannot eat chemicals as the result of that can be pernicious. But if you get in touch with chemicals, the result will be even worse. That’s because when you eat them your saliva’s enzyme, as well as stomach, help you to break and flush those harmful chemicals. But when you come in touch with them, the bloodstream directly absorb them and just because of the lack of enzymes your body cannot even combat these harmful chemicals.

Are regular Tampons harmful?

The manufacturers of tampons do not usually disclose the ingredients used to produce those products. That’s because these are medicated products and related to feminine hygiene.

But it has already been unveiled that regular sanitary napkins contain synthetic fibers along with petrochemical additives and dioxins while organic tampons contain natural, harmless ingredients. That is why when you burn regular tampons, black smoke with thick residue come out of them. On the other hand, organic tampons burn slow. Along with that, organic tampons are clean.

So, always avoid these plastic chemicals and give love o your skin by embracing dioxin free pads.

The impacts of harmful chemicals

These regular tampons contain different plasticizing substances which are responsible for the impediment in embryonic development. These are also the reasons for multiple deadly diseases like cancer or heart diseases. DEHP can cause organ damage. On the other hand, dioxin Free pads are entirely safe and give you a smooth feeling.

Apart from that these chemical ingredients increase heat around your vaginal skin which promotes bacteria growth. The worst part is they use different hazardous ingredients like fragrances to remove odour.

Recognize Toxic Syndromes

Have you heard about Toxic Shock Syndrome? It is also known as TSS. The syndromes of TSS should be recognized in the early stage so that you can receive immediate medical help. The syndromes are as follows

• Vomiting
• Muscle aches
• Low BP
• Red eyes, throat or mouth
• Diarrhea
• High fever
• Rashes
• Seizures

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