Do you have queries regarding your post menopausal phase? Here’re the answers!

Menopause is a common female phenomenon which a woman experiences after her golden 50 years. This phase gets over in about a year and then starts a period of post menopausal. During this time, every symptom regarding menopause come to a gradual end where your estrogen level gets reduced. Also, your ovaries at this phase shut down. With these many drastic physical changes, you may easily get confused and have numerous queries.
If you are quizzical about those, here are few questions and answers that can resolve your doubts.
Queries regarding post menopausal with clarification

What do hot flashes mean?
Hot flashes are not experienced by everyone. But if you sweat a lot or your heart beats rapidly, or you feel intense heat all over your body, you may be experiencing hot flashes. This effect can last a maximum for half an hour. As you already know that during this phase your estrogen level decreases, this dropping is a cause of these hot flashes.

What are the treatments for hot flashes?
Hormone therapy is the commonly suggested treatment for hot flashes. In this treatment, you are subjected to a mixture of progestin and estrogen hormone which reduce your hot flashes intensity to nearly 70% to 90%. This treatment is also known as combination therapy.
Other cures you can choose are estrogen treatment which can be taken in the form of cream, oral pills or even using a patch.

Can a woman be pregnant during post menopausal?
The chances of pregnancy are extremely low as your body hasn’t experienced its regular menstrual period for more than a year. But it is always advisable to use contraceptive pills or protection during sex.

What are the effects on your body at this phase?
There are few health related issues you should be careful about in this phase. If you have a regular intake of caffeine, smoke daily, consume sugar, salt or alcohol in excessive quantity, you might be taking yourself into the danger zone. Due to drastic hormonal changes with these factors, you may come under the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis. A better way to control abnormal physical changes is embracing a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily.
Apart from the negative sides of post menopausal phase, there are positive changes in your body too. You can experience fading of tiredness and gradual return of energy.

Why there is bleeding at this phase?
Post menopausal bleeding is a common sight, and there is nothing to be afraid of. About 20% to 30% of women experience bleeding after their menopause and it’s completely normal for you. Although it is not serious, but it is suggested that you consult an efficient doctor while you are experiencing bleeding at this phase.

Can a visit to gynecologist be helpful in this condition?
Regular checkups should never be skipped even if you are in your post menopausal stage. It is a good health habit as with regular checkups and screening, you can keep track of your physical changes. With regular medical examinations, your gynecologists can find serious physical ailments too, if you have been suffering from one and had no idea about it.

So, in such cases, visit a reputed maternity clinic in Dwarka and get yourself treated at the earliest.

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