Cervical cancer vaccination Dwarka: How, Why and When! Know it all!

Close to 366 million women who are above 15 years of age have the proximity of developing cervical cancer.’’
Did you know that as per latest data, India is the hub of cervical cancer? Not just that, as per recorded status, there has been close to 74,000 deaths in India due to cervical cancer, which makes it close to 1/3 rd of the total global strength. Clearly, need for cervical cancer vaccination is on the rise! Given that prevention is always touted to be better than cure; with help of this vaccination, women can be given a preliminary protection from development of this cancer.

Understanding the spread of cervical cancer:

Cervical cancer is the abnormal growth of malignant cells in the cervical area of women. Apart from the usual Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), there are other factors that enhance this form of cancer. These are increased sexual activity, smoking of tobacco, long term usage of hormonal contraceptives, diet that is low in anti-oxidants as well as multiple sex partners.
Though immunological and genetic functions have not been clearly identified, however, there are high chances of them being causes as well. Given such a scenario, it is best that one seeks cervical cancer vaccination Dwarkato stay secure.
Also, it is to be remembered that this vaccination is to be taken under strict medical expertise, since it has multiple types as well as certain post-medication effects.

Queries associated with cervical cancer vaccination:
Has gynecologist near you  advised to get a cervical cancer vaccination Dwarka? If that is the case, there might be certain queries that you may have. Well, here are some of the queries and answers that would surely help you!

• Why is cervical cancer vaccination taken as the best method of preventing this cancer?
Presently, as per medical records most of the genital problems has no solution apart from lifetime mutual monogamy. In such a scenario, this vaccination is the best method! Also, for women ranging within the age group of 21-65 years being more susceptible to this disease, this format is the best to prevent HPV infections.

• What are the types of HPV vaccine?
There are specifically 2 types of vaccination available. The first one being Gardasil and Gardasil 9 for boys. Also, Gardasil 9 can be used for girls as well. The next drug that is to be administered is Cervarix that is specifically for girls.

• When should these vaccinations be taken?
As per rules set by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, this vaccination works best within the age of 9-14 years, within the span of 6 months. It is advised that this be taken before the children concerned or the adults have undergone any sexual intercourse as this could be useless, after the person has been infected with this virus.
However, it is strictly not to be taken by pregnant women as this could cause discrepancy in case of pregnancy.

• Does it offer any benefit if you are already sexually active?
Yes, even if a minimal amount of HPV vaccination is present in the body, it could provide enough protection to save this virus from spreading extensively.

• What are the side-effects of this vaccination?
There are multiple side effects such as blisters and irritation in the injected area, mid fever and dizziness, nausea, fainting and headaches.

Thus, it is best that cervical cancer vaccination is monitored under expert cancer specialists for minimal side-effects and maximum, results!

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