Irregular cycles can lead to severe health issues! Know more!

Well, menstruation is not really an exciting affair for women, as every month, it’s a mess that everyone has to deal with. But,this bleeding in proper intervals is largely important to maintain a lot of bodily functions, mainly the reproductive system.What add up to the issues are irregular cycles of periods and this is certainly not something to ignore.
What are irregular cycles exactly?
While 28 days is the normal length of a woman’s menstrual cycle, this may vary from person to person depending on individual health conditions. Irregular periods are when you have an early period, frequent period or skipped period. Often the length of gap extends to more than 35 days. Again, women also suffer from heavy bleeding for long days. All these are abnormalities and should be treated at the earliest.
Factors that cause such abnormalities:
Here are the factors responsible for irregular cycles of menstruation that women of any age can suffer from.
a. Hormonal imbalances
b. Over-exercising
c. Chronic stress
d. Drug use or smoking
e. Alcoholic or excessive intake of alcohol
f. Certain medications
g. Breastfeeding
h. Abnormalities in uterus
i. Poor diet
j. Thyroid disorders
PCOS – This is another major factor causing menstrual abnormalities. Some people who consistently have abnormal menstrual cycles are assessed for PCOS. As reports say, around 10% of women in their reproductive ages are affected by PCOS.
A regular period signifies good hormonal balance (progesterone and estrogen) in the body and a healthy reproductive system in women. So, if you notice any of these symptoms, it is advised to immediately visit a reputed maternity clinic in Dwarka.
There are certain other conditions when medical treatment is highly essential.
1. If you have extremely heavy blood flow during periods.
2. If your periods continue for more than 7 days.
3. While once in a month is the normal time, if your frequency is more than once.
4. If spotting or bleeding is noticed – after having sex or between your periods.
*Note:Spotting is a concept that most aren’t aware of. It is a small amount of blood that is often different from actual menstruating. Spotting occurs during pregnancy, when one ovulates, or due to some other medical problem.
In such cases of irregular cycles, there might be some under lying major health problems that require medical treatment.
Stop of menstruation:
Now this is another thing you must be aware of. In some women, the menstruation stops before 40 years of age. This can be caused due to premature ovarian failure from surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.
Caution for sexually active people:
Do you have a sexually active life? Well, if you have no plans of getting pregnant, you must take proper birth control methods, or else irregular cycles of menstruation will bring to you ‘unexpected surprise’. Such abnormalities always put you at risk even if your periods go away for some time.
The best is to avail proper treatment so that things don’t get further complicated.Consult a gynecologist or better; visit a maternity care centre where a wide range of service is offered for women of all ages. Different procedures are there to deal with irregular cycles.So, don’t panic and instead, get treated in time for a healthy body.


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