Best gynecologist in Dwarka (Delhi): A professional makes the experience different!

For a country like India, where women visit local ‘vaids’ whose daily dose of remedies do the trick, to consult a gynecologist is quite an issue. The result? Statistical data depicts 5 women dying per hour from childbirth complications, a close to 5% death; courtesy to gynecological complications and unregistered deaths occurring daily. If this negligence continues, it will be tough for India to reach the Millennium Development Goals. Clearly, there is now excessive need to consult the best gynecologist to balance this whole process.

Standing in 2017, it is important that women in India take care of their physical health. Though local ‘self-proclaimed’ doctors are easily available here, it is important that women consult a professional, who has not only the degrees but also the practical experience to deal with certain scenarios.

So, how would you know that you are visiting a professional?

The reproductive health of a woman is one domain that is extremely dicey. Hence, there are many segments that a woman herself is not clear about. Therefore, a professional medical practitioner will conduct Pap smear, followed by a pelvic exam and finally continue with further treatments. A novice will simply conduct basic checks. Now you know! In such a scenario, for your own safety, if you are resident of Dwarka (Delhi) you must visit Dr. Yashica Gudesar one of the best gynaecologist in Dwarka.

Therefore, you have to be careful while you choose your gynaecologist.

Pregnancy: A wonderful experience:

In most cases as per statistical data, women visit a gynaecologist for the first time during pregnancy. Since this is not only the most emotional but also physically taxing period, it is imperative that you choose the best gynecologist near you. On my first pregnancy, I had consulted Dr. Yashica Gudesar from Mother and Child Care Clinic, and my pregnancy journey was smooth enough.

To answer your pertinent query as to why such a choice is important, you need to know a couple of details.

  • A well-established gynaecologist will conduct a complete schedule of pregnancy and aware you of your current and expected medical condition.
  • The concerned doctor will also update you of the type of delivery, and preparation module for that.
  • In case you are facing certain complications in your pregnancy, it is only the best gynaecologist Dwarka who will update you on the condition and measures that you must take.

Hence, you can very well understand the scenario that you will have to face if you do not consult the best in town. After all, it is not every day that you get the best!

Want the best? What should you check?

There are multiple points that you should check before you consult a gynaecologist. These facets will not only help you steer clear of unknown faces but also provide the best to you.

  1. Practice size and client recommendation:

It is important to note the referrals that particular gynaecologist is getting. Since any problems of the female reproductive system are a sensitive issue; it is best to consult close ones. So, the doctor with maximum client recommendation surely gets the vote.

  1. Good connect with patient:

You can have issues ranging from cervical cancer and vaginal yeast infection to pregnancy. Your doctor has to connect with you at an emotional level, understand your problems and deal accordingly. Only the best in this field can do it.

To make this journey, whether it is of pregnancy or that of some internal reproductive treatment, a smooth transition, there is no alternative to Dr. Yashica Gudesar of mother and Child Care Clinic in Dwarka Sector 13.

To get an appointment with her call : 8800303252

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