How to get normal delivery? Note the reasons and prepare yourself accordingly !

The pregnancy test that you took in the morning has revealed something really good. It is the pink double lines! Well, congratulations and the preparation starts off! But then this journey is quite a long drawn one – 9 months to be precise. Also, the process… of the most painful to get the most beautiful gift of one’s life. Now, the query rests in the fact that how to get normal delivery.

How to get normal delivery? Steps to follow

Here are certain tips that a would-be-mother should follow, once your doctor has given the green signal for a normal delivery. This will ease this delivery process to a great extent, and the labour pain will be comparatively tolerable.

  1. You should follow a regular light exercise cycle. Yoga is the best way to ease this delivery process.
  2. Stay away from extra-spicy food. Once in a while indulging in some rich Indian ‘curry’ is fine, but balance it with ample water and juice consumption. Also, do not forget to add fresh fruits to your diet and delete papaya from it.
  3. Surely have a positive outlook on After all, what you do reflects the condition of the baby. Therefore, make sure that you are healthy and capable of carrying on the baby in the last stages of pregnancy.

To a great extent, it is the mother’s physical condition that determines the delivery process.

As per statistical reports, most of the would-be-mothers all over the world opt for normal delivery. However, the facts in India are strikingly different. With a WHO data of 5 mothers dying at childbirth at an average rate, most mothers go in for a caesarean section.

Nonetheless, if a general air of medical consideration is taken, it is normal delivery that is preferred to a caesarean section.

Normal delivery: Why is it the most chosen option?

The birth of a child is a natural process that a female body is ready to perform. Almost 95% women are ready for this process, with a handful others facing certain complications. So, what are the primary reasons?

  1. Avoid surgeries:

A surgical process can result in multiple issues as vaginal infection, blood clots, extra blood loss, issues related to surgical process, and most fatal of it…death. Hence, in this regard, a normal vaginal delivery is far better, given its minimal risk options.

  1. Initiate breastfeeding faster:

In normal delivery, a mother can start breastfeeding immediately, which is a must for the baby. In C-section, recovery time is greater, so, naturally baby does not get immediate care which could harm them. Hence, rather than going in for the magic of C-section, it is better to get a normal delivery.

  1. Boosting immunity process:

As per medical data, when a child passes through vaginal tube of the mother, it gains strength to ward off immediate bacterial attacks. Thus, to a great extent, this increases its immunity level. This does not happen for C-section.

So, now, are you well aware of both why and how to get normal delivery? Hence, prepare yourself for the best part of your life. It is on its way!

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