What are the services offered at a maternity clinic Dwarka ?

Being a woman is no easy thing. Throughout your lifetime, you go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes added with a host of feminine problems, isn’t it? Starting from your happening days as a teen to the days of being graceful elderlies, these gyno problems just don’t seem to leave you. So, where to get treated for those conditions when you need medical attention? Well, contact a reputed maternity clinic in Dwarka, New Delhi.

Are you unclear about the facilities of such clinics? If so, the points below will clear out your doubts.

Services offered by maternity clinic Dwarka:

  • Related to Gynecology –

Gynecology is that department of medical science that deals with problems related to a female reproductive system. So, if you are having issues in the uterus, vagina or ovaries, and even the breasts, a reputed medical clinic has necessary gynecologists and obstetricians to offer you correct treatment.

Some of the problems dealt are:

  1. Menstrual abnormalities
  2. Genital infections
  3. Irritations or pain during urinating
  4. Infertility
  5. Pain during sex
  6. Prolapse of pelvic organs
  7. Cancer
  8. Unusual vaginal discharge and other diseases


  • Pregnancy and cervical cerclage:

During pregnancy, a would-be-mother needs to undergo regular checkups and medical examination for ensuring a healthy and safe baby birth. It is the maternity clinic Dwarka where all these services are extensively provided.

Even the reputed firms offer cervical cerclage to treat cervical insufficiency. This procedure is required if the cervix shortens or opens early to prevent preterm birth or miscarriage.

  • Caesarean section or C-section:

C-section is that surgical procedure used for delivering one or more than one baby. Often a vaginal delivery puts the mother or the baby at risks due to the following possible reasons –

  1. High blood pressure in mother
  2. Twin pregnancy
  3. Breech birth
  4. Obstructed labour
  5. Problem with pelvis shape
  6. Problem with umbilical cord or placenta, etc.

In this method, an incision in the mother’s uterus and abdomen is performed for a safe delivery. A maternity clinic is also efficient in offering C-section with capable surgeons, gynecologists, and advanced medical equipment.

  • Premarital counseling:

Premarital counseling is offered to those couples who are planning to tie the knot soon. Through these specialized therapies, people are counseled to have a satisfying marriage and healthy relationships. It also helps in understanding each other’s weaknesses properly. Some of the topics include –

  1. Decision making
  2. Sex and affection
  3. Communicating with each other
  4. Child-rearing methods
  5. Career goals, etc.

While you choose a maternity clinic, make sure to check out whether they offer this counseling facility; this is very important in the long run!

  • Postnatal care at maternity clinics:

Equally important is the postnatal care – when you welcome your baby. Keeping up with all the excitement, you will also be tired as your body will be in a recovering phase post birth. These maternity clinics would guide you with postnatal care and ensure a healthy upbringing of the newly arrived member.

Apart from these, there is an array of services offered by such centres related to women health issues. What you should do is get in touch with Dr. Yashica Gudesar of Mother and Child Care Clinic and promote good health.

“Take good care of yourself to take good care of your family.”

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