Premarital Counseling

Marriages are made in heaven. We all know it is not accepted literally nowardays.
Going for a marriage….why not get your medical examination first like………HIV testing, Hbs Ag, any major disease, genital infection. The younger generation needs to know that you need to be healthy and fit before marriage and of course before pregnancy.


  • Because a lot of responsibilities come soon after marriage
  • You might get pregnant soon after marriage (on your first night or during the first cycle)
  • Oral Contraceptives have to be started at least two months before pregnancy(Firstly you need to know that you can tolerate the pills or not; Secondly you might forget to take pills on time in the first month; Thirdly the effect of the medicine starts in the next cycle; Fourthly there may be chances of condom slippage in the initial stages when both the partners are unaware of the methods; Next you never know, if you have not discussed with your partner about your contraceptive choices before marriage, he/she may refuse or would not be comfortable with the contraceptive of your choice.

Hence oral contraceptives are the best for females just before marriage. Contraceptives can be changed later on after marriage when you have discussed with your husband.

  • Indian females are not aware of sexual behaviours of men, hence they need to brush up there knowledge before marriage with a doctor(relatives give incomplete knowledge, they have there own perceptions, are not updated)
  • Discussing with your partner before marriage about the contraceptive choice is the best thing; the couple should be sure that they want or do not want pregnancy.

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