Women have specific dietary needs during their treatments. This includes post-birth nutrition, BP and cardiac care, diabetes, and obesity. The Departments of Dietetics and Nutrition at Mother and Child Care Hospitals comprises trained dietitians and nutrition experts.


Pregnancy is a period where a healthy diet matters and ensures that adequate levels of nutrition and essential minerals, vitamins etc. are provided to the mother-to-be. Our dieticians provide customized diet plans for pregnant women and monitor their health throughout the period of pregnancy, in consultation with gynecologists.

They also play a key role in preparing appropriate diet for inpatients. The team ensures the availability of the best nutritional care and provides carefully prepared meals and snacks every day at our hospitals.

Our team of nutritionists are experts in managing dietary requirements during various gynecological or general health conditions that commonly happen to women – like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, eating disorders, and other issues.

Our Specialist

Dt. Shivani Kandwal


Dietician &Nutritionist