Antenatal Care

Antenatal Care is known as Prenatal Care as well. Antenatal care is the care provided during pregnancy to the mother and infant. To initiate antenatal treatment, women who fear they might conceive or be pregnant should see a gynecologist. Prenatal monitoring is extremely necessary for both the mother and the baby to reduce complications during birth. In prenatal treatment, blood checks, imaging tests, and ultrasound examinations are used. Visits during antenatal care also provide therapy, talks about the health of the baby, the health of the fetus, as well as any maternity problems. Mothers may reduce the risk of miscarriages with routine antenatal care. Antenatal care is useful both for the mother and child to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Yashica Gudesar can also be consulted at Mother And Child Care Clinic in Dwarka by prior appointment. At her clinic you would get all the facilities like Blood and Urine Tests,  Pharmacy, Physiotherapy for ante natal and post natal exercises. Even if you are not planning to have your delivery in the NCR region, you can still get the ante natal care with Dr. Yashica Gudesar. Once you are planning to leave for your home town for delivery, your entire file with a summary of the ante natal care would be given to you. This would be useful for the gynaecologist at the hospital where you would go for the delivery of your baby. After your delivery once you return to the NCR Region you can continue the post natal care with Dr. Yashica Gudesar.

Our Specialist

Dr. Yashica Gudesar

Dr. Yashica Gudesar

Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

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