Irregular cycles can lead to severe health issues! Know more!

Well, menstruation is not really an exciting affair for women, as every month, it’s a mess that everyone has to deal with. But,this bleeding in proper intervals is largely important [...]

Why doctors prefer dioxin free pads instead of regular tampons

Do you know which is the thinnest yet the largest organ in your body? It’s your skin. You’ll be amazed to know that your body is just a one-tenth inch [...]

How to combat High-Risk Pregnancy

Many women face a sudden transformation in their lives. From a glowing and cheerful pregnant lady, suddenly she becomes a high-risk pregnant lady. This transformation is not at all easy [...]

It’s time to live a stress-free life with menstrual cups

Have you ever noticed the image of a small silicone funnel while scrolling down the Facebook feed randomly? It’s known as menstrual cups. After your first encounter, many questions must [...]

It’s time to switch from your regular sanitary pads to biodegradable pads to avoid health problems

It’s time to switch from your regular sanitary pads to biodegradable pads to avoid health problems A woman usually uses on an average 17000 tampons in her lifetime. It means [...]

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia is a disease that causes acute vulvar pain in women. It affects vulva, that is the external organs of the female genitalia. It includes clitoris, vaginal opening, and labia. [...]

Answers to all your doubts regarding gynecologist in Dwarka

A female body is considered as a very complex structure. From childhood to being at an old age, you might have faced numerous issues regarding your body. In India, where [...]

Reasons for women to see a gynecologist apart from pregnancy!

“Gynecologist in Dwarka? They are visited only when one is pregnant.”If you believe so, this is a very common misconception you are having.With the term gynecologist, people mostly relate to [...]

What Causes Chronic Genital Itching in Women Other Than Yeast Infection?

70 out of 100 women have complained of chronic genital itching at some point in life. The most common conclusion for any vulvar infection or unease is yeast or bacterial infection.Often women [...]

Is Bed Rest in Pregnancy Good or Bad?

Bed rest in pregnancy sounds logical (in case your doctor has advised you) because obviously you care for your baby and don’t want anything to go wrong. Most doctors recommend bed [...]

Time to Discuss the ‘Hush-Hush’ Topic – Female Genital Hygiene!

Let’s get to the point straight – “how often do you clean your vagina?”Or, “how concerned are you regarding female genital hygiene?” Although the modern perception of women have changed a lot, talking [...]

Rescue tips for situation like “I am unmarried and Pregnant, What to Do ?”

Are you dealing with a situation like I am unmarried and Pregnant, What to Do? Then do not worry because every problem has a solution. It is indeed a tough situation, where [...]

Prepare your body for labor pain with Yoga Classes in Dwarka for Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is the first preference of every pregnant woman. After all, who wants to go under the knife, stitches, and pain? Plus, you would also want to live that [...]

How to get normal delivery? Note the reasons and prepare yourself accordingly !

The pregnancy test that you took in the morning has revealed something really good. It is the pink double lines! Well, congratulations and the preparation starts off! But then this [...]

Which Doctor/Hospital Offer Painless Delivery in West Delhi or Dwarka ?

The first question that comes to every pregnant lady is Which Doctor / Hospital Offer Painless Delivery in Dwarka? However, total painless delivery is practically not possible. But the intensity of pain [...]

Cervical cancer vaccination in Dwarka: How, Why and When! Know it all!

‘’Close to 366 million women who are above 15 years of age have the proximity of developing cervical cancer.’’ Did you know that as per latest data, India is the [...]

Why is cervical cancer screening of such importance?

‘’The cancer that can be prevented but still the most widely reported!’’ Did you just get the news of your neighbor suffering from cervical cancer? Wondering if you are having [...]

What are the services offered at a maternity clinic Dwarka ?

Being a woman is no easy thing. Throughout your lifetime, you go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes added with a host of feminine problems, isn’t it? Starting [...]

Premarital Counseling

Marriages are made in heaven. We all know it is not accepted literally nowardays. Going for a marriage….why not get your medical examination first like………HIV testing, Hbs Ag, any major [...]

Preconceptional counselling

The topic of Pre conceptional counselling although old has been neglected by both patients and doctors. To get to know about preconceptional counselling 1st one should visit the doctor before [...]

Medical Abortion

good or bad for our generation….?????