Vaginal Hygiene

My topic of discussion today is young girls especially teenager girls. How our society has still not given importance to the cleanliness factor and the various diseases associated with them. We know that being a tropical enviornment we have more of worms and parasitic infestations. But what do we do as a routine to help us from getting diseased. The most important point is that…. people are usually not aware that there body is a store house of all types of bacteria, parasites, fungi….many of them are the friendly ones….like the Lactobacillus ( the one in the curd) one which has the capacity to prevent us from diseases….to explain you e.g..when we have diarroea we take curd…WHY?….because curd has lactobacillus which is the “healthy bacteria” ….this healthy bacteria was taken over by the unhealthy “diarroea causing bacteria”….same way our vagina also has a variant of the same lactobacilli….if we do excessive cleaning bad bacteria might take over.

How can we protect our children from various diseases:

  1. starting with washing hands…though it seems to be the same boring stuff…but we still are ignorant ….we never wash the back of the hand which have the maximum germs….we should keep our nails clean if they are long…using an old toothbrush.
  2. wash from front to back and not from back to front….because the faecal matter is not sterile but urine is sterile…..all girls shoul be taught the proper method of doing it and using a jet in young girls can be dangerous and unhygenic at times
  3. one should not wash everytime one uses the toilet….it leads to removal of healthy bacteria, excessive moisture, wet undergarments
  4. girls should use toilet paper to keep their underparts dry…because moisture will lead to an enviornment where bacteria will grow….or else change your undergarments if they are wet…at least before sleeping
  5. In summers girls have more infections because of wearing tight jeans, tights, long sitting, not having proper toilets in schools and offices, not drinking enough water to avoid going to the toilet…net result…..urinary and vaginal infections…What can we do to avoid this?

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