Rescue tips for situation like “I am unmarried and Pregnant, What to Do ?”

Are you dealing with a situation like I am unmarried and Pregnant, What to Do? Then do not worry because every problem has a solution. It is indeed a tough situation, where you might not get any idea what to do next. Especially when you are in India, it gets really tough to cope up with such situations. But do not panic as there are ways that experts suggest, by which you can control this condition.

Ways to tackle such situation

Below are some ways that you can follow in order to get out of this situation.

  1. Do not panic

Missed out your periods? Do not panic.  The time you get to know that you are dealing with the situation “I am unmarried and got Pregnant, What to Do?” calm yourself at the first place. This is the common situation these days and so solutions are there too. If you will continue to panic, you can unknowingly do harm to your body by taking stress.

  1. Discuss with someone

As soon as you figure out your pregnancy before marriage, firstly discuss with someone very close. In such situation, your mind will not be able to think positively. Discussing it with someone you trust will bring out some solution for you. Also, moral support is of utmost importance in such condition.

  1. Go to a gynecologist:

Before wasting any time, visit a gynecologist first. Doctors have much better knowledge, and so after certain tests, they will be able to find out the right solution for you.

Visiting a young gynecologist gives you an added advantage in such situation as you are able to develop a comfort zone with her. On such gynecologist is Dr. Yashica Gudesar in Dwarka, New Delhi who is young and has 16 years of experience as well. You can visit her own clinic where you can avail her expert advice. Experts will also help you out with such conditions.

When it comes to abortion, make sure to go with an experienced doctor to ensure safety and health. Up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is possible. Doctors are aware of the right way,  so, you do not have to worry about any complications.

Process of Abortion:

If you have a visit to the right doctor at the right time, they will guide you with easy process of abortion. In the initial stage of pregnancy, abortion is possible with the intake of pills that your doctor will suggest. This process is safe and does not do any harm. But if the pregnancy is around 20th weeks or nearby, then doctor will do it safely after doing the entire required test.

So, do not lose hope. Just consult the best doctor, and you can get a way to cope up with this problem.

Yes, abortion comes along with complication; so avoid such a scenario. Always use precaution when you are not ready to have a child. In case of this situation where I am unmarried and Pregnant, What to Do? Do not panic and consult a trusted gynecologist.

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