Why is cervical cancer screening of such importance?

‘’The cancer that can be prevented but still the most widely reported!’’

Did you just get the news of your neighbor suffering from cervical cancer? Wondering if you are having any such symptoms? Well, to get a complete idea of your body and ensure that you are in the safe zone, cervical cancer screening is the best option!

Given that close to 3,00,000 women globally die because of this cancer on an annual basis, it is imperative that they undergo a screening test to detect the symptoms of cancer at its earliest stage and deal with it.

What is cervical cancer screening test?

It is the test for finding out abnormal growth of cervical cells in the lower part of the uterus, which is known as cervix. Generally, PAP (papanikolaou) test is the mode for finding out this abnormal growth, but there are other ways as well which this screening is done. However, at times multiple tests are required for detection of invasive cervical cancer.

Apart from this, there are other tests available for detection of this form of cancer at its earliest stage. So, it is imperative that tests should be done by professional medical experts and under strict medical expertise for best results.

Types of screening available: 

There are 3 types of screening tests that are available for early detection:

  • PAP smear test:

Used most frequently by the medical practitioners all over, this test includes, taking cell samples from a cervix of a woman and spreading it on a glass slide. With the help of tests, abnormality in the cells detection is possible.

Generally, for women it is suggested, within the age of 21-29 years, this PAP test should be taken at an interval of three years. With a correct cervical cancer screening treating this cancer becomes easier.

  • Diagnostic tests:

For the age group of 30-65 years, options as Biopsy and Colposcopy are available. Colposcopy involves placing vinegar solution along cervix and examining it against the light. A biopsy is taken as the final process, to determine cancerous cells in case of any prior irregularities in cervix.

  • HPV test:

As the second stage of PAP smear test, this uses typing and testing mode to depict the cancerous cells, specifically within the age group of 30-65 years.

So, if you are facing certain issues as vaginal bleeding post intercourse, bleeding between periods, abnormal bleeding during periods and consistent pelvic pain, getting a cervical cancer screening is a must!

Why is cervical cancer screening so necessary for women?

Given that close to 99% of this cancer format has its origin in the Human Papilloma Virus, there is a high risk of attaining this virus in women who are sexually active, have multiple sex partners and have a low immunity quality. It is also evident in women who have greater number of children, and have been using contraceptives for a longer period of time.

Known as a hereditary disease; it is important to have a pre-cancer screening for this type of cancer. With an early detection by cervical cancer screening, options as cryotherapy or laser therapy can be tried and it is completely curable. However, at a later stage, processes as chemotherapy and radiotherapy is to be used, and chances of survival are reduced considerably. If you are women living in Dwarka, New Delhi you can get cervical cancer screening done at Dr. Yashica’s Mother and Child Care Clinic

Thus, earlier the detection; better is the cure options!

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